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Wall Art

More and more people are realising that there is just as much pleasure to be had in looking at an Artist Scarf as there is in wearing it and are framing them to display on their walls.

By doing this you can create striking and individual artwork at very reasonable cost. The scarf can be chosen to quietly complement a room's existing colour scheme or make a bold and striking colour statement

There are many creative ways to frame your scarf. There is a wide range of mouldings and styles to choose from. Frames may be fitted closely to the edge of the scarf or, to make a stronger impression, a sizeable border may be introduced between frame and scarf.

Regardless of style we recommend that your scarf is protected by UV filtering glass or perspex to conserve it. (It is also good practice to hang your framed scarf away from full sunlight)

We also recommend that you have the frame mounted and framed by a professional framer who has knowledge and experience of the techniques specific to scarf framing. If you decide to do it yourself we suggest you refer to the many articles and videos on the subject that are available on the internet.